Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A City on a Hill

Our farm in Saskatchewan was (still is) located approximately 60 miles north of Saskatoon. On a clear night (most nights), you could look south and see that familiar glow rising up from the horizon representing a city of 175,000 people.
I've always like the metaphor mentioned in Matthew 5:14. Clearly, the city that Jesus is speaking of is worth seeing; it's light not limited to one direction but set up on a hill for those around it to see. If you live in this metaphorical city, perhaps you've wondered about the kind of light that is being seen by others.
In our small group discussion last night, we considered the "love-one-another" command that Jesus gave. How captivating that kind of a light is! The love that comes from Christ, that pure love that does not come with conditions is so foreign to the area surrounding "the city". If we were to reflect on what it is that keeps us and holds us close to Christ, it's that love!
When the "prodigal son" decided to return to his father after he squandered his inheritance, he thought he had forfeited the love of his father. He could only hope for some peripheral blessing, maybe if he was lucky, he could be given the status of a servant on his father's estate. He hadn't counted on the unwavering love of a father that had not changed even during the absence of his son.
This is the kind of light the radiates from the city that Jesus spoke of. This is the love that gets attention. This is the love that can penetrate the most hardened soul.


D-Ann said...

My dad taught me a lesson about loving the unlovable once. In the middle of my temper tantrum, and hating a family member he asked if I can't even love my family how am I going to love the people who really want to antagonize/criticize me?
It has come back to me many times in the future. I appreciate that he stopped me then and there and made me look at my selfishness.

Clover said...

mmm.... i like how the picture brings to mind not only love being the city on a hill but also up on a lamp-stand, like a beacon, reaching high and calling to those from afar, even over the horizon... peering over the curve of the earth with its height....