Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy 25th!

Odd thing, silver wedding anniversaries. They usually happen to older people, not young couples like us. Well with that said, I thought I'd throw my own "list" together. They seem to be all the rage on blogs, facebook and the like. So, looking back over the last 25 years, here are some highlights....
Biggest Surprise: Our move to Terrace
Greatest relief for Joleen: God didn't ask us to take over the farm.
Hardest Moment to explain: I had taken a puck in the eye (shiner), Joleen had taken a falling casserole dish to the nose (more shiners) and we happened to be taking Kevin in to the doctor for (yah, you guessed it). They let us go without incident. Our reputation had preceded us.
Funnest family time: trip to Disneyland (I think I would have agreement from the rest of the family on that one.)
Average baby birth weight: 10 lbs
Didn't see that coming....
Steph: The girl that always said she would like to live up in the mountains with her dogs - now living in Canada's largest city with 5.5 million of her closest friends.
Ryan: He has turned into a fine carpenter at a young age and I'm still try to master a hammer.
Kevin: He convinced us to buy him a drum set (like we thought almost every teenage boy does) and he's never looked back since. Me? I'm still trying not to clap on the off beat.
Our God has blessed us richly over the years and has now added Leah to our clan. We have much to be thankful for!


Stephanie said...

happy anniversary!!! 25 years is a long time. it seems like yesterday you were in jamacia celebrating your 20th.

Clover said...

may you have many many many more....

what's wrong with clapping on the off-beat? it's more groovin', man! :D

Joleen said...

Awww. I'm a little misty here. Where did the time go? 25 years already! God has truly blessed us.
I love the True Colours video too.
Happy 25th to you too!

Ruth said...

Yahoo!! I found your blog!
I totally laughed my head off and cried at this post!!
Happy 25th!